About The Journal

JBBT is a scholarly academic journal and a forum for the scientists, researchers and academicians to publish their original research work and discuss it critically. JBBT follows peer review process in selecting research publications, where experts of the relevant field evaluate the research work presented and certify that whether it is written as per the required research pattern. Researchers, academicians and experts of a particular discipline contribute their scholarly research works for broadcast and authentic publication. The research work submitted for

publication in JBBT is required to be written by following a well-established research methodology and framework. The authors are expected to duly acknowledge the sources of funding information and protect the copyrights.

JBBT currently publishes scientific research materials for the academic purposes. The professional researchers may send their manuscripts through email attachment to the editor for publications in the field of biomaterials and bioproducts including biotechnology, bioenergy, natural sciences, biomedicines, biological sciences, agriculture and food sciences, environmental science, chemical sciences and health sciences. JBBT publishes original scientific research, review articles, and short communications in English language. It is anticipated that a rapid production service will allow top-end research to reach its audiences even sooner. The main objective of JBBT is to disseminate the latest findings and scientific advances in the relevant field. These publications will enhance JBBT reputation as an important contributor in the scientific world. 

Aims and objective

  • Publishing with us brings a dynamic opportunity to benefit from the contemporary and latest scientific publishing model. We are flexible to maneuver between the author and publications.
  • To encourage new and qualitative research in the field of biology, agriculture, environmental science, health and medicine that will expand the frontiers of knowledge through the delivery of innovative information.
  • The aim to build a mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our authors and beneficiaries, we are committed to offer full support throughout the publishing and the post-publishing process.
  • We invite you to actively participate in and contribute to JBBT, a scientific journal and novel tool for the advancement of life science  as well as  natural science research of your experiments.
  • Own scientific publications are exchanged with other research centers, institute and academics which allows increased library on natural science knowledge.
  • JBBT provides an active platform to the scholar scientists for publishing and distributing their research work around globe with all possible channels.

Cutting edge of JBBT

JJBT publishes original papers and short communications – including viewpoints and perspectives – resulting from research carried all areas of biochemical and material   sciences

Why to submit in JBBT

  1. Open access publication provides readers from around the world direct and immediate access to your work.
  2. JBBT is a companion to the highly regarded review journal 
  3. Our experienced editors and reviewers provide fast, constructive and objective feedback.